19 Of The Best Indoor Plants!



Indoor plants have the power to create a positive home or workplace environment, clear the air and add colour. But which one should you choose? Clear Your Office author, Jade-Sky shares her picks for the best indoor plants including those of the scented variety.

The aglaonema plant is a good looking plant that is slow growing and long lasting, they have large, narrow oval leaves on short stems. It’s important to keep these plants warm and moist.

Bamboo is a beautiful green plant that is very tough and hard wearing, it is great to have in a small pot indoors because it is very easy to look after and can live for a long time if cared for correctly. In Feng Shui a little bamboo plant is considered to bring good luck.


The begonia plants are some of the most popular indoor plants, there are many different types of begonia plants. Begonias cannot handle very cold temperatures, too much moisture or strong sunlight.

The croton plant is made up of a variety of beautiful bright colors such as bright reds, oranges, pinks, purples and yellows. The croton plant prefers warm, humid conditions with lots of water and dappled sunlight.

The ficus tree is a very decorative plant that can be potted and kept indoors. The ficus tree needs warmth, humidity and lots of light. These plants do not like to be moved.

Orchids are very popular and beautiful plants that have a variety of different shaped and colored flowers. Orchids attract very good energy into your work place.

Potted indoor primroses are a wonderful way to attract in positive energy into your work place. The primrose plant comes in many different beautiful colors and it is made up of many delicate flowers.

African Violets
African violets are very popular indoor plants, these plants come in many different colors and leaf forms. African violets love bright, warm and humid conditions.



Here is a list of some of the best scented indoor plants and the energy that each of these plant fragrances can bring:

Miniature Roses—have the highest positive vibration of all plants
Rosemary—is for healing and protection
Lavender—is for relaxation, calming and inner peace
Basil—is for happiness, love and passion
Lemon—is for friendship and purification
Jasmine—is for love and money
Orchids—are for love and friendship
Juniper—is for cleansing
Sage—is for protection
Citrus—is cleansing
Eucalyptus—is for balance and cleansing